Andreia Fraga is an artist based in Porto. She started her studies in dance at Balleteatro Professional School (Porto, Portugal) where she had  the opportunity to work with many emerging artists such as Né Barros, Cristina Planas Leitão, Isabel Barros, Flávio Rodrigues, and Elizabete Magalhães. Finishing her studies in 2017, she created the piece “Antes que mude de ideias” as part of the program 20 minutos promoted by Teatro Municipal do Porto- Rivoli.

   Afterwords, she dived in a new adventure studying BA Hons in Contemporary Dance at Bath Spa University (Bath, UK). In England, she had the opportunity to be part of festivals such as Spark Fest in 2018, International Ceramics Festival of Wales in 2019 and  EVOLVE Fest in 2019 and 2020. She also performed and collaborated in many projects with various artists and companies such as Impermanence Dance Theatre, Lila Dance Company, Vicky Hearne and Antonia Grove. During her time at Bath SPA University she developed not only creative and technique dance/physical theatre skills but also editing and film making skills, having developed several screen dance works like “The inevitable chaos of a cloistered mind”, “CAI” and “Grow up”.

   Andreia is currently doing a Masters Degree in Theatre Production and stage management in ESMAE- Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo. She is also developing a dance company alongside dance-artist João Oliveira, where their main focus is to support emerging artists creating performances and expanding artistic relationships between international artists.