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The Inevitable Chaos of a Cloistered Mind

Concept, film and editing by Andreia Fraga | Portugal, 2020

A short film that explores the feeling of claustrophobia that corona virus quarantine left us with. Through the exploration of movement and sound I have created an ambient that provokes itself this feeling of being cloistered.


Choreographed, filmed and edited by Andreia Fraga | Bath, 2019

A screendance work that explores the mind of a lonely boy whose his only company is his skate. Taking that loneliness a bit further he stats to imagine his skate turning into a human and multiplying dancing with him in the skate park.

Grow Up

Concept, film and editing by Andreia Fraga | Bath, 2018

A short film that represents the realisation of growing up and not being able to go back in time to  the incredible years of our lives known as childhood.


Concept, film and editing by Andreia Fraga & Fran Nicole | Bath, 2017

This is an experimental task of a single shot movie that brings us to a really parallel place somewhere else, somewhere in the dark.